What Our Happy Clients Say (Or Bark)

We Love Hearing From Happy Clients!

  • When my sweet adorable 9 month old puppy suddenly turned dog aggressive, we were kicked out of our local pet supermarket class.Any dog he'd met prior to that was fine, all new dogs were greeted with a high level of hostility that resulted in a lot of stress and put us both in potentially dangerous situations.When I spoke with one of my pup's former instructors, he could not believe that my sweet pup who loved everyone had developed this problem. He sent me to Sean, after 2 short classes, my pup was laying down on the floor BORED while another dog pranced around him. We continued our classes with Sean and my formerly aggressive dog earned his CGC and CD certificates! People who have watched the transformation are amazed at the miracle Sean has worked. My pup is now 3 years old and is my favorite running buddy, he has run his first half marathon with other dogs present and no issues at all. Without Sean's expert help, we would never have been able to leave the house confidently and now we can go anywhere! We may never know why he suddenly had this issue but we know how we overcame it! Thank you SEAN!!
  • Sean did such an amazing job training our girl Drew.. She has Been such a pleasure to have around since Sean taught her but us also on how to handle her.. We have now moved to WA State, but highly recommend Follow my lead to any one needing dog training from one of the best.. Thank you so much Sean
  • We have known Sean for nearly 3 years. After first completing beginner's training classes at a popular pet store, our Pointer puppy still felt it was fine to live life on his own terms! Our energy ball would drag us down the street on walks, think our chasing him around the house to retrieve socks from his mouth was a fun game, and believed that dashes across the yard ending in leaps to yank our clothing, play-bite an arm, or steal any item we carried (in hopes to play tug or chase) were acceptable. As first time dog owners, it was challenging. He'd occasionally listen only to receive the treat reward. When we inquired about lessons at home, the trainer at the pet store recommended Sean. With a bit of a stubborn streak and a desire to play all day, our puppy was 7 months old when we started private lessons at home with Sean. Some improvement was noted after the first lesson! At the end of the private lessons there was significant improvement. He was much more focused and obedient. The bad behaviors became much less frequent. We were enthusiastic and wanted to continue with training opportunities; over time we completed intermediate and advanced class training. . If you struggle along the way, Sean is available to talk to. Additionally, if desired, there are other opportunities available for training assistance (ask Sean about his dog day school). Intermediate class was fantastic, giving us the chance to train our dog near other dogs with excellent feedback and personal attention. Taking advanced class will benefit you by learning more techniques, working in park and classroom settings, and having your dog follow commands as you speak them with minimal chain/leash physical correction. Sean is an excellent teacher who cares about his clients, wants his clients to succeed, has a genuine caring for the dogs, has extreme patience, is friendly and approachable, has a positive attitude, takes his job seriously while at the same time can laugh, and is available during the whole process and beyond. He responds as quickly as he can to phone calls and emails. He is a quality trainer and person.
    -Lori and Gary-
  • We signed our rescue puppy girls, Ellie, a pointer mix (16 mos) and Bailey, a lab/hound mix (8 mos)... and ourselves up for Sean's 6 week beginning obedience training class. To say that we learned so much is such an understatement! Right from the very beginning he gave us so much solid information that we could implement. In no time our girls were sitting on command, heeling on walks and staying when asked. Sean gave us strategies to use when Bailey barked uncontrollably (which worked!). There was so much more that we learned in those 6 weeks, it was remarkable! Sean's classes were fun and non-intimidating for the humans involved, we enjoyed our group so much - we really looked forward to Thursday evenings at PawSpa with Sean! If you are looking for a dog trainer that knows his stuff - Sean is the trainer for you! Everything that he taught us WORKED! We HIGHLY, VERY HIGHLY recommend Sean, he is EXCELLENT! If you are able to get in his class, do it! My husband and I both took the class with our two dogs and it was such a terrific experience! Thank you, THANK YOU, Thank You Sean, you are the BEST!!!
    -Janet and Jim-
  • We are so thankful for all that we learned in the Beginner Obedience Training ... Kona was an adorable bundle of crazy at 12 weeks we started but 6 short weeks later, he is well on the way to becoming a well-mannered sweet puppy. It was worth the investment of time for both of us to travel to Cumming (coming from different directions ... 70 mile roundtrip commute) to learn from someone who is able to connect with both the parents and the canines!!
    -Denice and David-