Our Leadership Style Method Leads To Superior Results

A Different Approach to Training

Sean is focused on leadership style training- which means it’s the dog listening to you for you. This is different from the food method where your dog will not listen unless you have a treat or possibly e-collar training were once the collar is taken off the dog goes back to its old ways. Our Methodology teaches your dog in the way both you and your dog learn best with a balanced approach.

Sean's Training Techniques

A Unique Training Style:

  • Training is unique and starts with adapting the techniques used with the client and dog. Sean doesn’t believe in a one -size fit’s all training method. Training that follows the same formula no matter the dog, or need are not nearly as effective. Sean talks to you and gets an understanding of your needs to assess and tailor training. The focus is on teaching the dog how to learn.

“Client for life” access to the trainer:

  • Once lessons are done, you have continuing access to Sean. He has clients that have him on speed dial and ask an abundance of questions throughout the lifespan of the dog. help is why we are here!
  • Clients can even come into group classes for “refresher” sessions if/when they ask.
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Sean Killoran is a Behavior Specialist

Being a behavior specialist is about being versed in different methods:

  • Sean works with dogs with different types of aggression and other behavior issues that need additional assistance.
  • Known for helping owners work through anxiety with their dogs through behavior modification.
  • Certified Evaluator with the AKC Canine Good Citizen, Star Puppy, Trick Trainer Evaluator.
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How we do business

Referrals from multiple specialists, including vets, breeders, rescue specialists, trainers and client referred across multiple county?s and states:

  • Veterinarians refer Follow My Lead out to clients consistently as their trainer of choice when asked.
  • Vets defer to Sean for his behavior expertise.
  • Sean holds special presentations at Veterinarian?s clinics on different behavior topics including aggression and anxiety.
  • Veterinarians are our clients too!
  • Work with multiple breeders across multiple states (Georgia, Alabama and Florida) as their exclusive trainer and consultant.
  • Expert puppy testing and selection services, matching families and puppies based on temperament and family applications
  • Puppy “boot camp” programs for select breeders
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Multiple Specialties

Specialties For Every Pet:

  • Puppy training can be a difficult process, but Sean is able to start working with puppies at an early age (as young as 9 weeks old) due to modified training programs. Puppies as young as 10 weeks old will sit and stay seated until they are released for up to 5 minutes, while other dogs are walking around!
  • Behavior modification training includes separation anxiety, over excitement, puppy nipping, jumping, counter surfing, and more. Tell us your issue!
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