Sean Killoran

With over 10 years of experience specializing in obedience and dog behavior, I have a true passion for  teaching others who want to gain a closer bond with their dogs.  I received my professional certification after two years of intensive schooling studying breed’s origins,  their behavior characteristics, health issues and practical time training.  I managed the vocational school for Dog Trainers at the school I received my certification for several years after I graduated.  



Killoran046I’m an 8 year-old Boxer, and hold the record for the most expressive sighs, huffs and facial expressions.  I met Sean 6 years ago.  I still remember the day he came to my house and I jumped on his back, I was so excited!  Needless to say, that didn’t happen again (oops!)  I was sad that my old family had to give me up, but I am the luckiest dog alive to have landed here!  I worked for several years, showing off my skills when I went to houses for lessons or group classes.  Now I’m the resident ‘old man’ of the house – keeping all of our guests in line and making sure I am fed on time every day and night.  I make appearances for lessons on rare occasions, but I leave the hard work to my little brother!